Would Anarchy work in Western Australia

"the ideally nonviolent state would be an ordered anarchy". Ghandi.

Imagine being rid of our police force, judiciary, tax system, school system and other aparatus of government. Such an idea would be possible under certain conditions where all members of society were intelligent, aware & equally well off.

Ghandi on Australian Style Civilisation -

  • To the English voters their newspaper is their Bible.
  •  It is a civilization only in name. Under it the nations of Europe are becoming degraded and ruined day by day.
  • As are the people, so is their Parliament.
  • That which you consider to be the Mother of Parliaments is like a sterile woman and a prostitute.
  • This civilization is such that one has only to be patient and it will be self-destroyed.
  • According to the teaching of Mohammed this would be considered a Satanic Civilization.
  • Hinduism calls it a Black Age.
  • Parliaments are really emblems of slavery.

Read Ghandi's treaty on European Style Civilisation

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