Why Western Australia Will Eclipse Dubai

We’ve all marvelled at the mega scale engineering projects that have defined Dubai and the United Arab Emirates over the past decade including artificial islands, massive skyscrapers rising up out of the desert sand and huge indoor snow ski fields but much of this development has been nothing more than an outpouring of the egotism of a bunch of middle eastern would-be-kings and a complete misallocation of resources. Not only are these megaliths a symbol of excess & misallocation, they are also the product of an exploited and downtrodden expatriate workforce.


It is the people of a nation that hold all the promise for the future and Dubai is now an emptied out husk with their airport littered with cars left behind by fleeing citizens and foreign workers afraid of the terrors of Sharia law as the leave behind unpaid loans in the wake of the recent financial meltdown.


Hopefully we the citizens of Western Australia will have watched and learned from the downfall of the UAE and Dubai. Perhaps we will invest wisely in educating our young people and refrain from exploiting the poor and the downtrodden. After all, when the minerals are leached from the ground we will have to make do with the imagination of our citizens.


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