The purpose of the group “Crusaders for Western Australia”

The purpose of the group “Crusaders for Western Australia” is to promote the adoption of Western Australian devised and developed world class innovations, Often these are already finding ready acceptance and take-up over East and overseas but are struggling to penetrate their home market.

Too often the aspect of "a prophet is not known in their own land" is a defining feature of new products trying to break into the Western Australian market. If they come from over East or overseas they must be good, if they are home grown they can't be good enough.

This reality frequently forces WA companies to take their innovations elsewhere, often with financial incentives of other governments and private funders.

At last year's "Leading Lights" innovations conference held in Perth speaker after speaker basically said "if you've a good idea then get out of town."

I have personally been challenged by this concept and have taken on something of a "crusade" to ensure local support and market acceptance here in WA for locally devised and developed products and services.

“Crusaders for Western Australia” is providing a focus to connect like-minded people, those that are determined to see the creative environment so evident here is our own State is supported, encouraged and flourishes here "at home" as well as elsewhere.

Posted by: Jonathan Shack

Posted On: 1/1/0001
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