Secession Rumblings in Western Australia

The latest Centralist government tactic to attempt to control WA mineral wealth via way of a super profits rent tax has stoked the fires of secession.

Secession for WA could take a number of forms as pressure mounts from multiple points to fight the federal government. Kevin Rudd came to power believing that society?s ills can be solved from the centre via a communist model rather from the edges via a capitalist model. History is replete with examples of failed centralist moves to cater to the needs of the population.

Centralists believe they have the solution and can deploy resources for the masses most effectively. The reality is that capitalism is the ultimate evolutionary search engine and no central government could ever compete with the efficiency, dedication or imagination of capitalists.

The best role a government can play is to reduce its? functions to an absolute necessity and provide a level playing field for capitalists to go about their business. That means ensuring property rights, and ensuring universal access to education and health.

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