C2030 Perth - Infrastructure planning & process

John Langoulant from Australian Capital Equity presented a session on Infrastructure & the planning process at C2030 Perth. Some of his points included –
  • All about process
  • Process in development in Western Australia is poor
  • Like to see long term plans
  • Will be a leading economy
  • Perth sits on the Indian Ocean Rim
  • Perth should be a centre for the provision of health services, research and tourism
  • There are too many vested interests
  • Perth could be home to the performing arts and have multiple cultural precincts
  • Maximise access, reduce regulation
  • Build a world class modern stadium
  • There are issues with planning & politicians
  • Perth needs adaquate infrastructure to sustain the population on the future
  • There needs to be active planning and provisioning of infrastructure, most importantly, active government engagement
  • Rather than rush projects through without enough capital, wait until they can be funded properly i.e. Bell Tower & Convention Centre
  • Government needs to get better at recognising infrastructure needs
  • Need to encourage an art culture incubator
  • Planning has failed – no great strategy
  • Government never had a direction
  • There are over 600 submissions to the federal government for projects across the country
  • Need a better process for getting projects onto that long list
  • Too many cost blowouts on projects
  • Planning for a new sports stadium has been a failure
  • People should come first
  • Need good planning process

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