The Caduceus, the Star of David & the Omega

The Star of David encodes the same message as the Caduceus, representing our energetic structure and the life force that makes us human all birthed from the transformation of the closed Alpha to the open Omega.  Before you move on, be sure to note that the ‘exit point’ on the magic squares below to the next brane or level in 3D space is number seven and that the magic squares are constructed with nine numbers. Some interest in geometry will assist one’s appreciation of the relationships between these symbols though the same story can be appreciated by simply examining the symbols and their use in various cultures.

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King Tut in Australia at the Melbourne Museum

IMG_20110819_132742 The Twycross Family and the Catholic Education Office are the most interesting Supporters of Melbourne Museum. Love your influence boys;)..

IMG_20110819_132655  clip_image006

Check out the left eye!

The Tutankhamen/un Show was pretty good, even if I never got to see the gallery. The scripted 3D Movie was only partial 3D with a couple of inserted 3D objects; the rest was 2D, just good quality video. The experience in Omni watching the Hubble story was totally different with massive screen and full 3D all the way.

clip_image008 clip_image010 clip_image012


Does Barack Obama a.k.a  Akhenaten know something about the Mayan calendar?

So what about the story of the life of Tutankhamen as described in the movie? Well it sounded to me like it had been scripted by the Catholic Church, all heaven, hell, after life and monotheism. The family tree shows Akhenaten in all his skeletal glory so we should not be surprised. Akhenaten was the founder of monotheism and made an effort to destroy the myth containing the Ennead Cosmogony. The Ennead Cosmogony is visually described by the Mamoli, the Omega, the womb and vaginal opening and drawings of Orgone Energy by Wilhelm Reich.

In myth, the Mayan's have their nine lords of the night and the the Osirian?s have their eight gods/goddesses. The images and the myth describe the fundamental universal cosmic laws. These laws dictate how time and space plus the hidden dimensions unfurl.

By Year 9 of his reign, Akhenaten declared that Aten was not merely the supreme god, but the only god, and that he, Akhenaten, was the only intermediary between Aten and his people. He ordered the defacing of Amun's temples throughout Egypt and, in a number of instances, inscriptions of the plural 'gods' were also removed.

Akhenaten's mother Tiye was known as the 'Great Royal Wife' and was possibly of Nubian decent. His father was Amenhotep III. Akhenaten was said to have been heavily influenced by his mother in relation to monotheism.


Yuya and Tjuyu, father and mother of Tiye. Journalist Ahmed Osman has suggested an identification between Joseph, the ancient Hebrew patriarch who led the tribe of Israel into Egypt during a famine, and Yuya.

We are entering a new age of transparency and the clock hands are nearing twelve. On an Enneagram this corresponds with the position of the number nine. Anyone who has studied synchromysticism will have noticed 'higher order' patterns transcribed into our space time reality that resonate strongly with the description of the Ennead Cosmogony. As pointed out by Terrance McKenna and witnessed by the Maya and other ancient cultures, time is not flat and homogeneous, it is part of a greater system of a grand and beautiful fractal. Our dualistic perspective perceives subject and object but an external observer would simply see a whole system moving to the dance described by the myth.

IMG_20110819_134410 IMG_20110819_134436

The family tree is fascinating. Here is a true tale of incest, deformity and desire for power. No wonder the Catholic Church is morally and spiritually bankrupt; a cesspit of vampires and paedophiles.