C2030 Broome – Big Ideas for Broome & the Kimberleys

Talking points at C2030 Broome on some big ideas for a big region were presented & debated by Nick Belyea, Broome international Airport, Carol Martin MLA, Member for the Kimberley, Sue Thom, Cable Beach Club Resort, Bill Reed, Linneys, Peter Yu, Yawuru man from Broome & Professor Lyn Henderson-Yates, Notre Dame University

Some of the interesting ideas & observations included –

·         Better infrastructure & facilities needed for a burgeoning tourist population. A simple but necessary requirement is for more toilets on the vast expanse of highways & roads throughout the Kimberleys

·         Broome has the potential for a regional hub status, being closer to Singapore than any other Australian centre & being close to the tourist mecca of Bali

·         There is significant scope for a large hotel complex at Willy Creek or Baobab Beach

·         There could be a fast ferry service from Broome to Bali

·         Better sports facilities for the youth in the area

·         A museum & art centre in Broome to celebrate the rich, cultural history of the area & to add to the already flourishing arts & cultural movement that is growing & gaining traction in the diverse, multicultural environment

·         Better educational facilities for the growing population and specifically for the disadvantaged

·         Move the Broome airport

·         Build a marina complex with at least seven stories in Broome

·         Build a fast rail link between Perth & Kununurra

·         Modify the structure of the political controls that allocate resources in the region

·         Bring the people up to the Kimberleys, don’t worry about taking the water to Perth

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