21:12:2012 = 11


Recently the Universal Time Clock (UTC) was reset by the US Naval Observatory. The precise time that was reset was a particular time point on the December Solstice of 21 December 2012, 11:11 on 21/12/2012, reset to 11:12.

 Is it a coincidence that 11:11 had been originally used to mark this important day for the end of the Baktun 13 Long Count Calendar or had the wizards who’d given us Armistice Day on the 11th hr of the 11th Day of the 11th Month and 9/11 also managed the positioning?

From a syncromystic perspective, cause and effect are nothing more than a particular viewpoint, only the discovered relationships are imbued with relevance, sync holes where information whirls around a strange attractor giving life to related elements for subjective appreciation. Cause and effect loose importance with a syncromystic perspective allowing for a high appreciation of art and design used to highlight information relationships such as the connection of Jack Parsons of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory with the Roswell incident.

 Western time, up until now has been perceived as a linear phenomenon with history stretched out into the past and a future lying before us punctuated by a series of major reoccurring events where the events are directly related to reoccurring astronomical phenomenon.  We are all used to a particular ceremony that relates to a particular point in the year, so we are conditioned and connected

 In the Balinese and Mayan cultures, multiple time keeping devices are used, the Balinese for instance use the Pawukon for religious ceremonies being 210 days with no record kept of successive years much like the current time ends for the Mayan calendar.  The Pawukon is separated into 10 separate week systems with one week having one day, the next two days and so on up to a final week with ten days. Only the 3, 5 & 7 day weeks are important.

 As we approach 21 December 2012, the end of the Mayan Calender, you may already have noticed that the world can now be appreciated from a completely new perspective where information abundance and the hard work of our fellow humans has provided an amazing device in  the form of the internet; an ocean of information for the inquisitive.

 In order to retain the synchronisation of our global clock system because of a slowing of the Earth’s orbit, the time was reset from,







Some Interesting Numerology Associated with 11

 11:11 = 4


11:12 = 5

 Completion of Baktun or 1+3 = 4 

 Transition from 4 to 5



Transition from 4th World to 5th World


Earth, Air, Fire & Water = 4


Earth, Air, Fire & Water + Spirit = 5


Transition from 4 dimensions to 5 dimensions


The number eleven is recognised as a number of power & control, El-even, the even angel! 11 is another representation of 2, for the fact is that all numbers are birthed from the union of 1 & 1, 9 contained by 1 & 1, where 9 is really 0 and 5 through 8 are the other side or outside of 1 through 4. At 5 we make a complete turn. A new cycle is commenced!


We are transitioning from linear 4 dimensional time-spaces to some kind of hyperspace.


·         4 dimensions of space-time


·         4 steps or stages of the Maya illusion


·         4 worlds of the tree of life


·         4 point lower circuit


·         4 fold root


Exponential Powers of 1,001




And there is such an indication of an acceleration of experiences of human beings, the integration of the accelerated experience to produce awareness that are indicative of humanity going through some very, very important kind of transition into some kind of new relationship to Universe, I'd say, the kind of acceleration that occurs after the child has been formed in the womb, taking the nine months, then suddenly begins to issue from the womb out into an entirely new world. I think we are apparently coming out of some common womb of designedly permitted ignorance. Buckminster Fuller


History is the in-rushing toward what the Buddhists call the realm of the densely packed, a transformational realm where the opposites are unified. Terrence McKenna


McKenna sums it up this way:


"Such quantized transitions from one modality to another are called "changes of epochs" By Whitehead. The appearance of life in an inorganic world, of consciousness in an unconscious world, or of language in a world without language are all examples of such epochal transitions. Our lives are filled with such transitions, but they are terminations of relatively short cycles in the quantified hierarchy. Terminations of cycles or epochs of really long duration cause extreme accelerations toward the zero state. This idea is similar to Whitehead's conception of concrescence and the Vedic conception of world ages which grow shorter as they tighten around an axis point. The spiral image of the Christian apocalypse is another example of this intuition that time is a series of tightening gyres around the quantized emergence of transformation."

 Big Picture Thinking


Art, Architecture & Urban Design takes a look at the two Pillars of Hercules


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